• May 21, 2024

While rains are a welcome respite from the heat, one major household concern during the rainy season is that of drying freshly laundered clothes. Sure, you can just hang them dry indoors (you’re left with no choice!) but know that hanging wet clothes indoors increases the humidity of the air in the house and this is a perfect breeding ground for molds, fungus, and other microbes to flourish. Plus there’s that unpleasant amoy kulob.

This is why the Cherry Clothes Dryer with Ionizer is a godsend. Simply hang your clothes inside and let the machine at the bottom do its magic.

According to Cherry, it provides 360-degree heat circulation and emits over 5 million/cm3 negative ions (anions) to keep your clothes free from viruses, dust, and germs—definitely way more efficient than hanging your clothes in front of an electric fan.

According to Cherry, drying and disinfecting round neck shirts can take anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes, while towels can take anywhere between 80 and 120 minutes.

It comes with a durable steel frame, fireproof nylon material, and overheating protection, along with a smart remote control.

When not in use, you can simply dismantle the clothes dryer and store it underneath or beside your closet.

The Cherry Clothes Dryer with Ionizer is priced at P3,500 and is available on the Cherry Shop website.

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