• May 28, 2024

If you’re thinking of getting a life insurance but are overwhelmed by the thought of all the documents and requirements needed to get one, hear this: Insurance firm BPI AIA (formerly BPI-Philam) has an offering that you can avail of via Facebook Messenger.

PamilyaProtect is a health, life, and accident insurance plan rolled into one. It’s affordable and easy to purchase since you can get one with just a few clicks on Messenger.

For less than P500 per month, a policyholder can already insure themselves for as much as P2 million, with a Hospital Income Benefit for the main insured at P1,000 per day of confinement due to sickness or accident and Accidental Death, Dismemberment, and Disablement Benefit.

The coverage can also be extended to loved ones, including parents, a spouse or partner, children, or siblings, making it perfect for singles, couples, single parents, and even overseas Filipinos.

PamilyaProtect is for all BPI credit and debit cardholders. They can be insured in less than 10 minutes by simply using their credit card or EMV-enabled debit card.

PamilyaProtect comes in two variants—Plan P1M and Plan P2M—that customers can choose from based on their budget and protection needs.

To be eligible, the principal insured must be a BPI customer and is 18-64 years old. Meanwhile, eligible adult dependents are 18-64 years old and minor dependents are 14 days to 21 years old. The plan automatically renews annually.

To know more about PamilyaProtect, click here.

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