• October 4, 2023

Following the launch of Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Philippines (Bosch AA) #CareForEducation campaign in collaboration with Teach for the Philippines (TFP) last December, the initiative has gained significant support from the local community.

Among the support received is a significant contribution of P500,000 from Warren Automotive Company, the reigning Dealer of the Year of Bosch AA.

To date, Bosch has successfully raised 45% of its target funding amount.

The #CareForEducation campaign aims to enable children in the Philippines to receive access to quality education and secure a better future for themselves.

It comprises two programs: Functional Literacy Program (FLP) and the Batang Bayani Program (BBP).

FLP provides early grade intervention for reading and math, while BBP encourages children to practice positive behavior toward learning at home.

The initiative is part of Bosch AA’s Care For Life campaign, which contributes to vulnerable children’s communities in ASEAN, supported by Bosch Primavera, a charitable organization founded by Bosch associates.

The launch of #CareForEducation in the Philippines marks the third country to activate Bosch AA’s ASEAN-wide Care For Life campaign. Plans are underway in Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand with initiatives focusing on road safety, children’s health, and clean air, respectively.

To support the #CareForEducation initiative, click here.

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