• May 19, 2024

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has introduced a three-tiered cloud-based solution guide designed to help government customers protect and maintain key digital assets and services during disruptions caused by natural disasters, cyberattacks against infrastructure, or power grid failures.

“[Continuity of Government IT] gives public sector bodies the ability to leverage globally distributed IT infrastructure to underpin their continuity plans. They are no longer constrained by localized backup solutions or expensive and vulnerable third-party on-premises facilities,” said Liam Maxwell, director of government transformation for AWS.

“This means they can focus on the operational aspects of maintaining key government services using the range of continuity options AWS provides. By leveraging these best practices, governments can be more prepared now than before,” he added.

CGIT on AWS encompasses three levels of continuity classification: cloud backup, pre-planned migration, and active cloud standby.

At Level 1, the AWS Cloud is used to securely store critical datasets in one or more AWS Regions of the government customers’ choice. Level 1 CGIT engagements help determine the best strategy for building a secure landing zone, implementing control and governance mechanisms securing data, and establishing an architecture for continuous backup.

At Level 2, AWS will assist customers in preparing plans and procedures for service migration and recovery.

Level 3 CGIT engagements will focus on ensuring seamless continuity of operations between on-premises and digital storage.

Continuity of Government IT on AWS is available to governments globally. The CGIT team will work directly with you and AWS Partner Network members of your choice to establish the best path forward towards your continuity goals.

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