• June 25, 2024

Airbnb started out in 2008 as a platform that allowed people with extra space in their homes or apartments to host guests for a fee. Over the years, the vacation rental giant has evolved, and now many of the Airbnbs you encounter are operated by a management company with seamless check-in and check-out systems. Many listings are for “entire homes” and most likely, you won’t even get to meet your host at all.

Now, Airbnb is making a bigger push into Airbnb Rooms, an all-new take on the original Airbnb and the platform’s attempt to make travel cheaper for everyone while giving it a more personal touch. This option lets you rent a private room in someone’s home. On Airbnb’s website and app, you can now select the Rooms tab to see a list of all the available rooms for rent in the location you want to stay.

Airbnb Rooms also feature a Host Passport, which helps you get to know your Host before booking your stay.

Get to know your host with the Host Passport feature, exclusive to Airbnb Rooms listings

Simply tap the Host Passport to view a larger photo and details Hosts have shared about themselves, including where they went to school, what they do for work, a fun fact about themselves, and much more.

Because privacy is important, all Airbnb Rooms will clearly indicate if the bedroom door has a lock. The listing page also shows whether the bathrooms are shared or private, and whether people other than the Host will be in the home during your stay.

Along with the introduction of a Rooms tab, Airbnb is making several other changes, including improved filters that allow you to easily switch between Rooms, entire homes, and all listings; a total price display so you can see how much a stay will cost with fees (before taxes); more transparency surrounding checkout instructions; improved maps; redesigned wishlists; and more.

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