• December 5, 2023

Still not done with your holiday shopping? Alternative payment provider Dragonpay provides ways to conveniently and securely pay online and over the counter. Dragonpay has over 3,000 partner merchants where you can shop for food, fashion, travel, and tech, to name a few. 

What’s more, you can pay in affordable installments through Dragonpay’s buy now pay later (BNPL) partners BillEase and Tendopay. No credit card? No problem—because you can fill up your cart with your needs and wants and then choose a flexible payment schedule that will enable you to plan and manage your finances better.

To help you make the most out of BNPL, Dragonpay shares the following tips. 

Spend responsibly. Choose wisely the products or services that you will avail of using BNPL. While it’s an empowering financing solution that will help you buy goods of higher value, make sure that you can afford the repayment and that it will not eat up much of your income. Create a spending plan so you can properly budget. The most ideal purchases are those with tangible or lasting value like items or experiences that can increase your knowledge, skill, and productivity, or help you boost your income. 

Buy smart. Once you’ve decided on what to buy, do your best to find the best deal. Avoid buying on impulse. Compare prices, check for promos and potential discounts, and read reviews. But remember to practice safe online browsing and most importantly, buy only from legit sellers. To avoid online scammers, it’s best to shop from accredited merchant partners of Dragonpay, Billease, and Tendopay.

Plan your payments. Make sure you fully understand the terms of your BNPL provider. Memorize your repayment timeline and familiarize yourself with the payment channels so it will be easier to settle on time and avoid overdue charges. Dragonpay lets customers pay through more than 50,000 payment channels including the country’s major banks with online banking, payment centers, retail establishments, and leading e-wallets. 

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