• April 13, 2024

Mother’s Day may be over, but who says you should only celebrate Mom on that day? Mothers are the guiding light of every family—despite the challenges and hardships, they power through for the sake of their loved ones, and that’s what makes them heroes of our home.

Here are 10 ways to celebrate #SuperMoms today and every day till the end of May—or even beyond—at SM:

1. Treat her to a scrumptious meal.

Be the ladies who lunch at SM or surprise her with dinner at her favorite restaurant. Call ahead to let the staff know you’re bringing the Queen of your Home.

You could also make a special effort at preparing a homemade meal for mom at home after you take her grocery shopping at an SM Supermarket.

2. Give her a thoughtful gift if you haven’t already.

Sometimes, our moms will give up their own wants because they would rather spend their hard-earned money on us. Maybe there’s a pair of shoes she decided against buying, a useful watch she was eyeing, or a pretty lipstick she wanted to get. Get them for her on your next run to your favorite SM Mall.

3. Pamper her.

Our moms spend so much time taking care of us that sometimes, they forget to take care of themselves. Book a spa or massage appointment, or go with her to the salon so she can get her hair or nails done.

4. Book the ultimate R&R trip for her.

Moms dedicate their entire life to their families—their attention, focus and care are on us 24/7. But sometimes, Mom needs to get away, too. Remember that tourist destination she dreams of traveling to? Make it your mission to send her on the vacation of a lifetime and get her a light set of luggage to take with her.

5. Make household chores easier for her.

We all hate chores—yes, maybe even Mom! But while we have the choice of ignoring our laundry or the dishes, our moms are the ones picking up the work to make sure the home is spick and span. Thank her for all the times she took care of everything by gifting her a state-of-the-art inverter washing machine, a lightweight vacuum cleaner, or a brand-new induction cooker.

6. Indulge her green thumb.

There are some moms who are nature lovers with an enviable green thumb, thriving in the green and making plants and gardens come to life. Show her you support her love for plants by upgrading her gardening tools or buying her an exotic or flowering plant. Whatever you choose, you can find the best garden gear and equipment at Ace Hardware and a lot of green plant hubs at SM Supermalls.

7. Prioritize her health and wellness.

Encourage Mom to focus more on her health by signing her up for a gym membership with any of our fitness tenants at SM Supermalls.

8. Take her on a shopping spree.

Maybe your mom is the type to know exactly what she wants, or is very picky about the gifts she receives. Why not accompany her on a shopping spree at her favorite SM Supermalls? Mom will be able to pick out anything that suits her fancy, and you won’t have to worry about her not liking your gift.

9. Entertain her.

Moms deserve to have fun. Next time you want to see the latest movies at SM Cinemas, or are thinking about attending an event, convention, or concert, let her in on your plans. Not only will you be able to share your interest with your mom, but you’ll be able to bond with her and give her a memory with you that she will cherish forever.

10. Strengthen your spiritual connection.

Moms, especially Filipino moms, are known for being faithful, religious, and devout. They are probably praying for your health, happiness, and success right this very minute! Thank her for all the times she entrusted God with looking after you by taking the initiative and asking her to go to church with you. Or, attend one of the masses held at your nearest SM Supermall, so you can do any of the above suggestions right after.

Even though Mother’s Day is over, make sure to let your mom know how much you love her, and are grateful for having her in your life. Celebrate her every day!

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